Specializing in Decluttering, Maximizing Small Spaces, Moving Management and Creating Organized Systems.

Who I Am

Kristin Lundy
Professional Organizer and Owner

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go, so I help my clients eliminate the unnecessary to make room for the best life has to offer!

Live Without Clutter. Love Your Space. Make Room For You.


My goal is to help people live and feel their best in their space. I believe the ability to control and enjoy our physical space can truly help us lead a more centered, balanced, and well-adjusted life. By shifting to a simpler lifestyle and having systems in place to maintain a clutter-free life, we can reduce stress, increase productivity and improve focus. Decluttering (physically, emotionally and mentally) frees us from those “stuck” places and gives us more time for the things that really matter.

What I Do

I make Home/Business Organization and Moving Management as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. My ultimate goal is to provide motivation and guidance, so my clients feel supported throughout the time we work together. Because each client has their individual circumstances and needs, I focus greatly on listening, asking questions, and devising the best course of action that matches their style and fits the way they live, learn, think and work.

How It’s Done

Phone Intake

Identify Individualized Needs. Discuss Potential Projects Areas. Review Philosophy, Methods and Services.

In-Home Consultation

Tour and Evaluate Spaces. Assess Project Needs. Discuss Challenges and Priorities. Outline Goals. Create a Vision. Develop a Plan.

Organizing Sessions

Systematically Declutter and Organize. Learn New Organizational Habits. Create Spaces with Purpose and Meaning.

Phase 1: SORT

This phase is all about removing the excess, which is anything that is costing you time, energy and unneeded stress! This process does take some time and patience, as we will go through your items and identify what to keep, trash, sell, shred, recycle, and/or donate.


We will focus on functionality and finding the right “home” for your kept items. By creating organized systems that match your style and implementing new habits, this phase will help you maintain your newly decluttered spaces.

Phase 3: SPRUCE UP

This phase will help prevent the struggles you could face maintaining self-discipline, motivation or commitment to staying organized. I will identify simple storage systems, provide helpful tips and share easy strategies to keep your spaces clutter-free.

Spaces To Sort, Systemize or Spruce Up